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The April Mortgages Way

Although this page is 'About us', April Mortgages is really about you. We've built this business and the mortgage products we offer to be simple, fair and transparent. We want you to love what we do, trust in us that we'll do the right thing and provide products that really help our customers.


What we do

We offer longer term fixed rate mortgages with flexible terms. We are committed to making mortgages more simple and have designed our offering to ensure that your mortgage is the one thing you don’t have to worry about.

Where we’re from

We may be new to the UK market, but our approach has already been tried and tested in the Netherlands, where we launched a lender called MUNT in 2014. In that short time, we have already provided mortgages for more than 100,000 customers and established our position as one of the top lenders in the country.

Who we’re owned by

April Mortgages is part of the DMFCO group, which is the largest independent asset manager of Dutch residential mortgages.


Curious about our team?


The April team

Our approach

At April Mortgages we are committed to keeping mortgages simple. We don’t over-complicate things where we don’t need to and our focus is on our customers. 


What they say about us

Jo Carrasco, Business Partnerships Director at Stonebridge Group:

“April Mortgages is a really exciting and innovative mortgage lender that will benefit those customers for whom a combination of certainty is a big factor in choosing a mortgage.”

About us


Neil Hoare, Commercial Director at HL Partnership:


“After a long period of historically low rates, the market has changed. There is greater volatility and more uncertainty. A whole generation of homeowners who have never previously experienced a rate rise, now understand what a big impact rising rates can have on their finances. This has raised the need for different products that provide greater certainty for clients, but without the straightjacket that traditional products have represented.  That's why we think the April proposition is a long overdue innovation.”

About us



Clare Beardmore, Director of Legal and General Mortgage Club:


“At Legal & General Mortgage Club, we continually evolve our proposition to reflect the changing needs of brokers and borrowers, and are therefore delighted to welcome another exciting entry to the mortgage market to our lender panel. We are seeing growing interest in long-term fixed-rate products at the moment, given the certainty they can provide amidst fluctuating interest and swap rates, making it an opportune time to enhance our offering in this area. With an exciting and innovative proposition, April Mortgages will give our members a new and distinctive means to support clients prioritising long-term budgeting, and the ability to fix repayments over a longer period.

About us