If you don't pay your mortgage, you might lose your home

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Looking to buy your first home? Here’s why you should consider choosing April.


At April, we give you the confidence to take your first step on the housing ladder by providing certainty and flexibility.


You can have the peace of mind of a fixed mortgage rate for the long term, knowing exactly what your monthly payments will be. Unlike other lenders who may charge extra for this security or penalise you for any changes, we like to do things differently.


We offer longer-term fixed-rate mortgages without Early Repayment Charges (ERCs) if you decide to move home. Not only that, but your mortgage rate can reduce as you pay it off, effectively lowering your monthly payments. It's a fixed rate that actually may decrease over time, providing you with flexibility and peace of mind in your homeownership journey.


  • Longer term fixed rates not only offer certainty but can sometimes also be the cheaper option;
  • With an April mortgage, this certainty comes with flexibility so if you decide to move home within your fixed rate period, you can do so without penalty;
  • Lending is available up to 95% LTV, and as the rate can fall over time when the loan to value decreases, you don’t have to remortgage to benefit from reducing your monthly payments.

Find out more about how an April mortgage may suit you here.


I'm a first-time buyer

Why April?

No early repayment charge

Most mortgage lenders punish you with an Early Repayment Charge if you want to pay your mortgage off during the product term. We think that practice is unfair. If you sell your home, you can pay off your mortgage without a fee. And if you got a bonus, an inheritance, won the lottery, or you just saved some money, you can make additional payments without any charge.

Automatically reducing interest rate

With a fixed rate, the interest rate you pay is always fixed at the start of your mortgage, right? Wrong – with April, you can actually reduce the interest rate you pay by paying off your loan. Over time you will reduce the size of your loan and this means our risk reduces.

So, we think it’s only fair that we automatically reduce your interest rate as you pay off your mortgage and the value of your loan drops in comparison to the value of your property at the time you bought it.

Further borrowing

Life changes constantly. You might want to turn the loft into another bedroom, replace the kitchen or build a conservatory. Some lenders will start a whole new mortgage application if you need a bigger loan. That is cumbersome and costly. With April, you can easily borrow more, against the same conditions as your original loan.

No high variable rate

At April, we believe all customers should be offered the same, great deal whether they are new or existing. So, when your fixed rate deal ends, we won’t make you pay a high variable rate. Instead, we’ll offer you the best rate available.

Why would you fix your mortgage
rate for a longer term?

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Know exactly how much
you need to pay each month without worrying.

No remortgaging

No remortgaging

No remortgaging
for however long you choose.



When your life changes,
your April mortgage changes with you

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